The Rain Master Roof Drainage System

The Rain Master Roof Drainage System was invented after seeing that other Gutter Protection systems did not handle heavy amounts of water well. TRM uses surface tension to pull the water into the gutter while keeping all other debris out. This prevents water from running over your gutters ruining siding, soffit, facia, and causing foundation issues. TRM goes over existing gutters and does not use any screws or fasteners that damage the roof. The Rain Master fits on 5" and 6" Gutters and comes in many custom colors. TRM is completely sealed using an S-lock system that keeps everything in place. 


Surface Tension System 

The Rain Master Roof Drainage System uses Surface Tension in order to pull the water into your gutter. The wholes start at the top of the panel right below your shingle and go all the way down to the bottom of the panel, In each one of these holes is rounded making the water get sucked into the gutter the same as the water goes around a water fall or a pop can under a faucet. This makes it impossible for any water to go anywhere else besides inside your gutter and leaves the debris floating on top of the panel until it washes away or blows off. Want to see how it works?  Contact us today for a free estimate and Demonstration!



The Rain Master Roof Drainage System uses S-lock seal in order to completely keep all debris out of your gutters. This system is a spring loaded and clips the the K lip of your existing gutter in order to stay tight and sealed while adding stainless steal screws to the top of your gutters so nothing can scratch claw or open the system. We do no do any additional screws into your home that could potentially damage your roof or fascia or void any prior warranties. 


Other Great Advantages 

  • Exclusive Drip Gaurd Channel doubles as an optional heat coil retainer 
  • is available in many colors to blend well with your roof and gutters
  • adapts to a variety of gutter and rood combinations 
  • made of rigid aluminum that resists buckling and prevent birds and squirrels from chewing through them 
  • has smooth surface so debris will slide off 
  • Fits securely around end caps to keep small birds and rodents from nes